Kotlin online tests

At DevSkiller our expert team produces Kotlin online tests that have been specially designed to assist recruiters looking to hire Kotlin developers. We have Kotlin online tests available to assess candidates with all levels of experience.

Our Kotlin online tests differ from traditional algorithmic tests by implementing RealLifeTesting™. This is a unique developer testing methodology that challenges candidates with real-world problems, similar to their everyday work. At DevSkiller we can help you find your next Kotlin developer today with our range of Kotlin online tests.

Recommended roles for our Kotlin online tests

  • Junior Kotlin developer
  • Middle Kotlin developer
  • Senior Kotlin developer
  • Junior Android developer
  • Middle Android developer
  • Senior Android developer
  • Junior Java developer
  • Middle Java developer
  • Senior Java developer
  • Mobile developer

How our Kotlin online tests work

The RealLifeTesting™ methodology is behind our Kotlin online tests. This technology works by presenting candidates with a simulated reality and then challenging them with the actual problems they are likely to face in the role. Testing is multifaceted and designed to task the candidates in various different ways. The result of which being that recruiters can pinpoint the exact strengths and weaknesses of each candidate. They can gain valuable insight into a candidate’s coding skills, their ability to problem-solve, and to their capacity to thrive under pressure.

Key Features of DevSkiller Kotlin online tests

  • Remote testing that can be held at the convenience of the candidate
  • Observe test in real-time
  • The RealLifeTesting™ methodology offers a greater user experience where candidates can use their own IDE, clone to Git, run unit tests, and access Stack Overflow / GitHub/ Google or any other resources for research
  • Anti-plagiarism detector that automatically tracks for duplicate answers in our database
  • Determine the candidate’s coding ability and not just their academic knowledge
  • Non-technical, automated results
  • Kotlin tests available to test for positions of any level

Skills tested in our Kotlin online tests

  • Gradle
  • Kotlin
  • Spring Boot
  • Spring Boot JPA
  • Maven
  • Android
  • Android SDK
  • ConstraintLayout
  • Legacy
  • OkHttp
  • SSL
  • TSL
  • Collections
  • C
  • iOS
  • Java
  • JNI
  • Swift
  • JVM

What to look for in a Kotlin developer

Kotlin is an open-source, statically typed programming language that has both object-oriented and functional constructs. It was first released in early 2016.

Kotlin can be employed in various types of development including server-side, client-side, and Android. It is inspired by other programming languages like Java, C#, JavaScript, Scala, and Groovy.

In recent years Kotlin has become a very popular language and Kotlin developers are now amongst the most sought after. Your developer should demonstrate detailed knowledge when it comes to Kotlin. This includes knowledge of Kotlin’s safety features, most notably their understanding of ‘null-safety’.

Other than proficiency in Kotlin itself, you will want to recruit a candidate with expertise in Java, because the two languages are closely connected. Finally, any previous work in developing mobile or web applications using Android will be a bonus.

Looking for something more?

If you’re looking to get more out of our Kotlin online tests then you can. We offer custom tests that can be adapted to suit your company’s needs. Our online task wizard allows recruiters to create their own online tests that are unique to your candidates. This gives you greater control over the screening process.

With our customized tests, you can set the test duration yourself and even define the scope of each test. If required there is also the option to upload your own codebase. Our experienced support team is there to guide you through creating your first test invite. Find your next Kotlin developer today with DevSkiller.

Interested in our Kotlin tests but need to see more?

Any recruiter wants assurance when it comes to hiring their next developer, that they have found the right person. Our screening tool can offer this peace of mind. However, it is understandable to also want assurance when it comes to investing in DevSkiller. Check out what our customers have to say:

Richard Williams – VP of engineering at Plutora

“Thanks to automating the screening stage, we were able to reduce the interview rate by 50%. At the same time, the quality of candidates who make it to the interview stage is now much greater. DevSkiller adds an extra layer of quality to our technical hiring process”

Olga Berger – Lead Recruiter & Sourcing Specialist at CodeValue

“DevSkiller is easy to use and friendly.”

Sabu Pappu – Talent Acquisition Lead at Veriday

“We have reduced the tech rejection which is great. We’ve seen a 25% improvement at this point after the implementation of DevSkiller. The platform really helps us to assess the programming skills of candidates and provide a logical approach to the problem-solving skills of IT professionals. DevSkiller saved us a lot of time while we had a ramp up and helped us to invite good quality candidates who have performed well in the test, which eventually improved the selection criteria.”

Frequently asked questions

What is RealLifeTestingTM?

RealLifeTestingTM is at the very heart of our Kotlin online tests. It is a way to go beyond traditional developer testing using algorithms, to a place where recruiters can accurately assess exactly how well each candidate has performed. It uses technology to present candidates with realistic challenges and then assesses their knowledge on a deeper level than was previously possible.

Developers are required to demonstrate considerable ability when it comes to coding ability and code cleanliness, resources like Stack Overflow, decision making, and critical thinking. The candidates who progress are those that have performed well under scrutiny.

How do candidates take a Kotlin online test?

From anywhere in the world, as soon as a candidate is ready they can begin taking their Kotlin test. Recruiters are also welcome to observe the tests being taken in real-time during the process.

Test links are only active for a short while, giving the candidate only a small window in which to work. The tests last until the candidate is finished. If the candidate does not complete their test, then it expires when the allotted time-elapses.

While working, candidates have two options- to use DevSkiller’s state of the art in-browser IDE, or to complete their project on their favorite IDE and clone the project to Git. Much like in their real work, candidates can build the project and run unit tests throughout, to make sure their solutions work.

How are Kotlin online tests evaluated?

Our expert team has designed our developer tests to be as automated as possible, taking the strain off recruiters. With our Kotlin online tests, once the candidate is finished, the DevSkiller platform automatically begins the evaluation process. The platform works out exactly how well each candidate has performed in various areas of testing. Results are then added to a non-technical report that breaks down how well each candidate has performed, including whether their solutions would work. Strict robust plagiarism features ensure recruiters can trust the results they receive.

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